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GCSE Dance

GCSE Dance is a 2 year course for candidates in year 9 and above who want to study dance in depth.

During the course you will gain experience of choreography,  performance and dance appreciation.

Benefits of GCSE Dance

  • promotes fitness, a healthy lifestyle, team work and creativity
  • helps to develop independent learning
  • develops an understanding of a range of dance styles
  • provides foundations for further studies in dance, such as A Level Dance or the Creative and Media Diploma
  • helps to build up confidence and self-esteem


Teaching is done over 12 week terms and involves:

  • a minimum weekly 1 hour practical and 2 hour theory session (Sundays, 9.30am to 12.30)
  • Additional sessions with visiting artists
  • Video viewing of various dance companies in performance
  • Theatre trips to live performances
  • Students should also be taking a minimum of one other technique dance class per week, either at the centre or with another qualified dance teacher


£175 per term


Essex Dance Theatre, Dorset Avenue, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, CM2 9UB

email to book your place:- Contact Debbie Holme

New Course start date

Sunday 17 September 2023


  • 9.30am to 10.30am, Contemporary Class for GCSE students
  • 10.30am to 12.30pm, GCSE Dance Course

Further education

There are a number of further education colleges which offer dance courses and we have provided a list below.

It's important to say that courses are expensive and for every success story there are literally hundreds of college educated dancers who aren't working professionally. 

Options for further education in dance

Contact us

Contact Paulene Sorrell if you have queries about the GCSE course